From our team of experienced in-house creative and production staff, a new subject and theme is decided upon. Once the subject has been chosen, a storyboard is assembled depicting the essential ideas and elements to be covered during the photo shoot.

creative teamwork

After the subject and storyboard is finalized, the art of finding the right photographer and teaming them with the right art director is started. Each photographer is chosen according to their artistic sensibilities, with the ultimate goal of having their own unique style and tendencies compliment the chosen subject. Once the right photographer is chosen from our close family of independent of photographers, they are paired with one of our in-house art directors - each with own set of experiences and visions, working together as a team to compliment one another and bring the rough outlines of a storyboard to life.

elements of the photo shoot

Models, stylists, hair and makeup, wardrobe, assistants, locations, props, equipment… these are some of the many final elements necessary for the photographer and art director to turn a photo shoot into a reality. With almost two decades of continual photo shoot work, PhotoAlto has assembled a system of production locations, models, and support staff that span the globe. From Europe to South America, or from North America to Asia, PhotoAlto has completed production work all over the world and has the assets, means, and abilities to return to them when needed.

the photo shoot

Once on locating with all the elements assembled, the make up artist gets the models ready. The stylist dresses them and equips them all the necessary props. Then the photographer directs the scene and the models act out the situations following the storyboard. All the photographers and models that participate in the photo shoot sign contracts with PhotoAlto. PhotoAlto can therefore guarantee that all copyrights and reproduction rights are included in the purchase of our images.


Each final image selected must complete a rigorous and thorough editing process. With at least three separate layers of editing, hundreds of images are eliminated by a very selective editing process that discards all images with technical, stylistic, or artistic deficiencies.

post production and packaging

After editing, all images are then retouched, color and contrast balanced. The post-processed photos are saved in RGB mode rather than CMYK mode. This reduces file size, gives the user a greater range of color properties, and the option to use image in web or print mode. Once the images have been digitized, color corrected, and formatted, the final keywords and metadata are added in several different languages.

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