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Search Tips
• Check there are no spelling errors or mistakes.
• Check your filters. Perhaps you have too many filters applied to your search (ex: style, orientation, collection).
• To search by Photographer, select the “more search options” button located next to the search button. Choose the photographer from the “photographers” drop down menu.
• Do not begin your search with : “or”, “and”, or “no”.
• For results with one or more keywords: Use “or” (“dog or cat”).
• To exclude keywords: Use the “exclude the words” field located in the “more search options” menu.

More options
If your search continues to cause you problems, try one of the following:

Ask for search request
Our research team can help you find the image you are searching.

Photo Assignment
We offer custom photographic assignment services. Do not hesitate to contact us for a specific request.

Visit our Help section for detailed advice on image searches.

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